What Is

Story of WingBra® 

Ms. Tin, the inventor of WingBra ® used to be the fashion stylist of models and celebrities. In the past, whenever they wore deep-V or low-back clothing, they have no choice but to use traditional sealing tape to lift their breasts to enhance the cleavage for a perfect look After layers and layers of tape, the soft skin is badly hurt by the repeated tearing and sticking. However, models and celebrities have no choice but to tolerate the pain until the job is done. Sometimes, this even caused infection and leaves permanent marks and scars.   

Ms. Tin, together with a lingerie designer, decided to invent a product that can function as well as the sealing tape, while is skin-friendly. After rounds of testing and improvements, WingBra ® was born in 2010! It is a product with the concept that just like a pair of helping hands to lift and bring the breasts to its fullest stunning look, with a light-weight texture to avoid sagging.  

For the past 7 years, WingBra ® has got the patent in many countries. It was highly recognized by the celebrities and models, and even commonly used in shows, concerts and weddings.  

Now, every woman can spread their wings in her stunning look with confidence and 360 degree protection, thanks to WingBra ®