How to clean

  • You are advised to clean the WingBra ® after every usage, to remove dirt and oil on the WingBra ® .
  • Use warm water and soap (colorless and non-lotion) to wash the WingBra ® . Gently wash it with your fingers in circular way and rinse with warm water. Avoid using fingernails, which may cause damage to the surface of the WingBra ® .
  • After cleaning, shake off excess water and lay on a flat surface for drying (sticky side up). Do not wipe off the water.
  • When the WingBra ® is completely dry, stick it back to the storage film, roll it up and put into the cylinder for easy storage.





  • People with sensitive skin should avoid wearing for long periods
  • Always place the WingBra on the storage film when not in use
  • Do not use sharp objects on the WingBra. Do not cut the WingBra
  • People with infected, wounded or sun-burnt skin should not use the WingBra.